The Open University of Tanzania Library continue to expand access to online content including e-books to supplement the existing printed collection. The move is intended to address challenges emanated from traditionally textbooks, such as access and affordability. Some of these e-books are subscribed by the University while the remaining are licensed under an open copyright license and made available to be freely used by the University community.

A-Z Electronic Books

BC Campus:Open Ed [ Multidisciplinary ]

Bookboon [ Multidisciplinary ]

College Open Textbooks [ Multidisciplinary ]

Directory of Open Access Books (DOAB) [ Multidisciplinary ]

Ebscohost [ Multidisciplinary ]

JSTOR Open Access books [ Multidisciplinary ]

LibreTexts [ Multidisciplinary ]

Merlot [ Multidisciplinary ]

Project Gutenberg [ Multidisciplinary ]

OER Commons: Open Textbooks

Open Culture [ Multidisciplinary ]

Open Textbook Library[ Area: Multidisciplinary ]

OpenStax CNX  [ Area: Multidisciplinary ]

OAOpen.org [ Area: Multidisciplinary ]

Saylor Academy Open Textbooks [ Area: Multidisciplinary ]

The National Academies Press [ Area: Multidisciplinary ]

Tidewater Community College Open Textbooks [ Area: Multidisciplinary ]

  1. Online Public Access Catalogue
  2. The Open University of Tanzania Institutional Repository